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In use for years as a treatment for certain muscular disorders, BOTOX® is now known as an wrinkle-erasing treatment that is convenient, quick and having a minimum of side effects. Derived from the bacterial secretions which cause botulinium poisoning, the substance is safely used with beneficial effect by limiting doses to miniscule amounts, and by restricting the application sites carefully so that its effects are isolated only to the small muscle targets which need treatment.

Wrinkles form as facial muscles contract to express laughter, when smiling or when frowning. With a lifetime of repeated expression lines wear into the skin giving each individual a pattern of facial wrinkles that is unique. BOTOX blocks the action of chemical neurotransmitters that cause your muscles to contract. Relaxing your facial muscles this way allows the skin lying over them to relax, thus reducing or eliminating wrinkles and creases.

Is BOTOX Safe?

BOTOX® has a good long term safety record dating from the early 1990′s when it was first used to help patients with blepharospasm, a muscular disorder that makes it difficult or impossible to open one’s eye. It now has wider uses than just the face. BOTOX® is used to correct muscle spasms in the neck as well as in the larnyx (voice box) to help those whose suffer from the speaking disorder spasmodic dysphonia such as Diane Rhem, the National Public Radio host.

How Is BOTOX Administered?

At our center we use micro-injections, small amounts of BOTOX inserted into muscles surrounding each of your facial wrinkles. Yes, these ARE needles yet they are so tiny that your discomfort will be minimal; my patients compare it to a mosquito bite.  Results are seen just a day or two after the micro-injections.

Will It Last Forever?

Effects of BOTOX Injections are temporary and do diminish slowly over time, the duration varying a bit from person to person. For most people they will persist from four to six months. Often I find that benefits of the injections are greater with each subsequent treatment – the second injection lasting longer than the first, and so forth.

BOTOX is approved by the FDA for use on the glabella – the vertical “frown” lines between the eyebrows, it is also commonly used on horizontal crease lines of the forehead, and on “crows feet” radiating from the corners of the eye.  These three areas are typically all that are required for a complete BOTOX Face Lift for my patients.

What Are The Results?

For my patients I find BOTOX treatments to be highly effective in creating a more alert, fresher and more youthful appearance. Applied correctly to the right lines and wrinkles my patients have a friendlier, more approachable look as well.

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  2. What does 3 area face lift mean? Does it pain? Does it have any sideeffects?

  3. Botox is a huge trend right now and I expect it to continue for quite some time.

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