Friday, January 19, 2018

Cold Laser Therapy Dallas Enhances Anti-Aging Treatments

We’ve added a new modality to our anti-aging clinic in Dallas - Cold Laser Therapy. I’m particularly excited about it as this new technology provides easy, non-invasive pain reduction for most of my patients.

Achieving Wellness for our patients is our goal, and hormone replacement therapy remains our primary treatment tool. Over time hormone replacement will restore the body’s youthful balance and ability to repair itself. However, it is difficult to feel youthful if  you are plagued by a sore hip, back pain or sciatica. Plantar fasciatis and sore toes also affect many of my patients, making a simple walk an exercise in pain management. Cold laser therapy in Dallas offers a way forward.

Cold Laser Therapy complements hormone replacement therapy and changes the Wellness dynamic. No longer must you wait months for your newly-hormone-balanced body to finally repair inflamed joints or tendons. Back pain or shoulder pain from old injuries no longer limits your movement, keeping you from the things you want to do.  My experience is that a single session of cold laser therapy can often eliminate localized pain caused by tissue inflammation, never to return.

Some long-standing areas of discomfort will require more than one cold laser therapy session. One patient arrived with hip discomfort, sciatica and metacarpal pain – her big toe – that continued despite many different previous treatment types. A single session of cold laser therapy completely eliminated her metacarpal pain, to her amazement, and further treatments have made her hip discomfort and sciatica “progressively better”. Remember that these pains had previously been treated for years without particularly good effect!

Just to summarize a bit, hormone replacement and similar wellness therapies restore balance to the body’s systems over weeks and months of continuing their programs; cold laser therapy Dallas decreases inflammation directly and thereby eliminates pain from injuries, scars or inflamed joints quickly.

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