Friday, January 19, 2018

iEllios Non Surgical Face Lift

iEllios technology provides an effective and safe non surgical face lift which provides a painless alternative to plastic surgery. Years of aging are removed from your face in the very first brief treatment.

What Is Possible
With iEllios it is possible to rejuvenate the skin, lift sagging jawlines, and even build new tissue to reshape facial contours and thicken and enhance lips. Not least of its capabilities is restoring the skin’s youthful glow. The results are immediate, easily seen make you look younger than you dreamed possible. Does iEllios Work
iEllious technology is not based on laser heat or destructive radio frequencies. Instead, iEllios technology mimics the body’s own electrical micro-currents that signal energy production, protein synthesis and cell regeneration.

Neuro-Regeneration and Cellular Signalling
These “cellular signalling” currents have been intensely studied by the co-inventors of the heart Pacemaker, and, were originally incorporated by them into design of the Arasys, a motor nerve “pacemaker” to provide neuro-regeneration for treating Multiple Sclerosis. The iEllious is the latest and most evolved application of “cellular signalling” and it is specifically tailored for facial uses such as Non Surgical Face Lifts.

Build Collagen Without Trauma
Our bodies normally generate collagen as a response to trauma – this is how laser resurfacing and radio-frequency ablation facials work. Once the laser or radio waves heat or damage tissues the body responds to rebuild with new collagen.

No Pain – All Gain
iEllious avoids the trauma altogether, it simply stimulates the desired area with electrical signals that mimic the body’s own cellular signals. The result is that collagen is produced naturally by your cells without any need for previous damage – hence a non-invasive, Non Surgical Face Lift is possible.

How Long Will It Last
iEllious treatments improve the health of the body’s tissues every time they are used. The results can be seen for months afterward. Of course we continue to experience the effects of aging so regular treatments are needed to counteract those aging effects.

Dr. Sanchez provides certain considerations for the early adopters of iEllios Non Surgical Face Lift technology.


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